Where’s My Ferrari?

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Where’s My Ferrari?

Posted on October 20th, 2012 in Blog.

Hi Peeps, Dave Crewe here and I have just started this Blog to chart my progress as I enter anew phase of my life as an Inernet Marketer!

I have been dabbling with Internet Marketing for about four years now…and despite all of the promises from the Gurus…I still don’t have my Ferrari!  And I still haven’t sacked my Boss!!!   What’s going on?

I have tried  affiliate Marketing and a bit of ebooks selling, PLR & Blogging etc etc etc….if you are reading this you probably know what I am talking about!!!   I have bought and tried hundreds of systems, push button solutions and get rich overnight schemes. (they just didn;t specify which night it would be!)  But the upside of all of this is that I have actually learned a tremendous amount about Internet Marketing and SEO, and I have amassed more products ( and the rights to them) than you could shake a stick at!!!  Surely, I kept thinking, there must be a way to monetise all of this?  I just needed the right opportunity….the Perfect Storm!!!

Well, a few months ago now that opportunity presented itself.  I discovered a physical, offline training course that teaches people how to set up and run their own Online Business!  The course consisted of 12 books (actual, real books) and 28 DVDs of Internet Marketing Gurus showing exactly how to implement the information in the books.  This was pure gold!  The time and effort that had gone into creating the course was immense….and no stone had been left unturned.

In fact, I liked the course so much that I purchased the sole rights to it along with 1500 sets of the course!!!!  Now I was really in Business…..wasn’t I????????

It then dawned on me that 25 pallet loads of product would not actually fit in my back bedroom!!!!!   Oooooops!!!!  What now????

..and what’s the wife going to say??????????

Find out next time ………………..


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