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Top Ten SEO Do’s

Posted on October 28th, 2012 in Blog.

Hi Guys, as well as charting my journey I want this Blog to give you some real, valuable information, so I am going to intersperse my story with some good stuff that you can implement in your Business.
So here are some tips on SEO!

Create a Content Rich Website – provide value and boost credibility

In order to create content-rich websites you need to provide the reader with information they can truly use. It can’t be filled with fluff or just a bunch of random thoughts put together. It has to be informative and easy to read. The content must be relevant to the topic and the main page in order to have good SEO placement.

Learn What Will Get You Banned – know the rules or you’ll get shut down in a hurry!

Know beforehand what is allowed and what can get you banned from the search engines. Needless to say, this is vital to your success so take some time to do the research.

Optimize Your WebPages Correctly – bump up your rankings

Optimizing your website is the process of editing the content and HTML coding to make it more relevant to the main keywords being used so you can make it more search engine friendly.

Learn How to Analyze the Statistics for Your Website – learn to speak the language

In order to have high SEO rankings you need to know how to analyze the statistics surrounding your website correctly. This is the only way to know what changes need to be made to move your website up in the SEO rankings.

Use Feedback to Make Improvements – allow your Target Market to tell you what they want

Using customer feedback to make improvements to your website will help you move you up in the ranks more quickly.

Put in Place a Long-Term Content Strategy – have a plan so you’re not left scrambling

It’s so important to have a long term goal for your online success.

Use Related Websites to Link to Your Website – Locate the highly-motivated audiences

Directing specifically-targeted traffic to your website will move you up in the SEO rankings.

Use Keywords Throughout Your Articles – have a strategy as to “where” to place them.

It’s a good idea to use keywords throughout your articles but don’t use too many. If your articles are filled with keywords this is known as “keyword stuffing”. This makes it look like you’re spamming and many times the articles don’t make sense when you do this. Having keywords in the first and last paragraph and a few scattered throughout the article is recommended.

Narrow Your Niche – find highly-specific keywords

If your niche is too broad, then it can be difficult to find keywords that will describe your website and this could put it in the low ranking positions. If you are ranking low and your niche covers a wide topic, try narrowing it down some to see if this improves your rankings.

Have Patience – give the strategies time to work

You must be patient and give your website time to move up. Reaching the first page doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time and a bit of effort.

Following the tips above can help to improve your SEO position. Simple things that you might not think are important can make a significant difference. You’ll find more details of how to put out “spider bait” in Chapter 3 of my program.
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