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Top Ten SEO Don’ts

Posted on October 28th, 2012 in Blog.

Don’t Take Any Shortcuts to Try and Get a High Ranking – One of the biggest mistakes that many companies make is trying to take shortcuts. This causes more problems than anything else and many of these shortcuts can get you banned from search engines.

Avoid Multiple Domains With Identical Content
– If you have several domains, then you need to have different content on each of them. Having identical content or even content that is considered too much alike can get you in trouble with search engines and it could even possibly get you banned.

Don’t Use the Wrong Keywords
– Don’t make the mistake of using the wrong keywords simply because they sound good to you. The average person may not think of the words you’re using when they Google a topic. That’s why it’s recommended you use a Keyword Suggestion Tool to find words that you wouldn’t normally think of.

Don’t Use Hidden Text and Cloaks – Using hidden text and cloaks is always a bad idea. These are considered a form of spamming and it will eventually get you banned from the search engines.

Avoid Schemes that Promise to get You High Rankings – There are many schemes that promise to get your website at the top of the page but these can be very expensive and usually ends badly.

Don’t Underestimate URL’s
– URL’s are more important than many companies realize. They can help to give you an advantage over your competitors so why not use everything available to enhance your position.

Don’t Use Images for Headlines
– When it comes to getting high ranking SEO’s you can’t use images alone for headlines. They do make your website interesting and they do get more attention but it would be a mistake to try and use them for a high SEO ranking.

Avoid Spending Too Much Time on Meta Tags
– Many companies tend to spend too much time worrying about Meta Tags. They are not the most important thing to be concerned with when a High SEO ranking is what you’re searching for. However, it is one of the first things that the reader will see when the link to your website appears so it does have value.

Don’t Ignore the Title Tag – This is a mistake that occurs quite often. Many people don’t realize how important having a keyword in the title tag is so they leave it blank but in reality, it can make a big difference in your SEO rankings. Sometimes the title tag is associated with Meta Tags but they are not the same thing. It’s the first thing that visitors will see and it will make an impression.

Don’t Neglect Your Website
– Once you have optimized your site, don’t neglect it. You need to keep up with the competition and make changes whenever necessary to keep your high ranking.

Avoiding these SEO don’ts will help to build your site up in the ranks the correct way. This is what you need in order for your site to grow and prosper. So now you know!
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