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How to Use Press Releases to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Posted on October 19th, 2012 in Blog.

Today, information control is decentralized.  The “new journalists” are bloggers; news delivery is to the desktop.  The Web has changed the rules; customers read press releases directly so a more evolved strategy — utilizing the press release as a direct communication vehicle — is called for in promoting your online business.

These days, your primary audience is not a handful of journalists — it is millions of people with Internet connections and access to search engines and RSS readers.

Therefore, in promoting your online business, you should:
Create releases that will appeal directly to your customers;
Develop keyword-rich copy and create links in releases that deliver those customers to your site;
Optimize press release delivery for searching and browsing;
Drive site usage with press releases.

The best way to publish press releases is to simultaneously post a release on your own site and send it to one of the press release distribution services (PRNewswire, PRWebUK, etc.) that will in turn send it to the online news services such as Yahoo!, Google, Lycos and many others as well as trade and industry web sites.

PRWebUK has some very useful tips on writing press releases, which you can find here.

Many release distribution services also offer RSS feeds of releases, which they make available to other sites, blogs and individuals.  And online news services such as Google News have RSS feed capabilities as well, allowing people to receive feeds based on keywords and phrases.  So each time your release includes a word or phrase of importance, people will receive it directly.

Have more time than money to spend?  There are also a host of free press release distribution websites that will send your PR out into cyberspace – you can find a good list easily by searching online for “free press release distribution”.

An added benefit to wide online distribution is that each time your release is posted on another site, the inbound link helps to increase the ranking of your site.  This is because the search engines use inbound links as one of the important criteria for their page ranking algorithms.

Isn’t the Internet great for business?  We can create our own news and deliver it directly into the hands of our potential customers!

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