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How To Boost Your Online Visability

Posted on October 19th, 2012 in Blog.

Here’s a great technique that can mean some real money in your pocket:  increasing the online visibility for your business.  Some tasks you should consider undertaking in an effort to improve your online visibility  include:

Review your site – approach your website as a customer would and ask yourself these questions:
Is the design appealing and professional?
Is it easy to navigate around the site?
Are all the links working?
Is my content relevant and fresh?
Are the shopping cart and other online tasks intuitive and easily managed?
Are my download times reasonable?
Be prepared to fix or update anything that doesn’t pass the test.

Fresh content – Fresh, relevant content is more important than ever since search engines like Google are now including real time search results in their search algorithms.  This means that when you add new content to your site or update your social media pages – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. – you will improve your online visibility.  And with the launch of Google Caffeine coming any day now – this is a new version of Google’s search engine that places more weight on fresh, relevant content – it is critical to keep your site evolving and growing.

Social media – With the growing popularity of real time search, the impact of social media on your business website has increased dramatically.  Social media is important for building relationships with customers but is now equally important for organic search optimisation.

Landing pages – the use of landing pages as a destination for PPC campaigns and to drive traffic deeper into your site is also monitored by search engines.  If visitors abandon your landing page without going further into your site and return to their search results, your site ranking may suffer.  Landing pages need to enhance your site’s user experience as a relevant gateway to your site.

Of course, all this information is available in easy to understand, step-by-step instructions in our Pathways Free Guide.  Make a resolution to check it out soon and  declare your financial independence!

Attracting Targeted Website Traffic
It’s not enough to simply generate lots of traffic for your business website; if they’re not the right kind of visitors – the kind who are interested in what you’re selling – simply driving traffic for the sake of numbers is a fool’s errand.

So how to attract the right sort to your site?  It takes some discipline and a methodical approach.

Audience identification
If you’ve signed up for the Pathways Free Guide, then you’ve already done this step…identifying exactly who your top prospects are for what you’re selling.   If not, now’s the time to do it.

Keyword research
Those prospects for your products and services will use certain words to search for what they want.  Knowing what those words are – and using them throughout your site in content and meta tags as well as in PPC campaigns and social media marketing — is the key to driving targeted traffic to your site.   There are several helpful keyword research tools to help you, including Google Adwords, Wordtracker and Wordstream.

Relevant content
Your keyword-rich content should not only attract and engage your site visitors, it should also lead them to a purchase.  Serving up the right information at the right time adds value to the user experience, helps with the decision-making process and leads to sales.  Keeping your content fresh – and this is where a business blog on your site can be most useful – not only keeps visitors engaged and returning, but also boosts your search engine rankings.

Social media
Engaging prospects in other online venues, in groups or discussion forums, also provides assistance in attracting targeted web traffic.  Establishing yourself as an expert presence in these online venues adds professional credibility and provides you with link building opportunities that help your search engine ranking as well.

Remember that the goal of your business website is to generate sales, which can only come from attracting the right target audience.  It’s not just all about the numbers – it’s about the numbers that translate into pounds.

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