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Getting Started With Email Marketing

Published by Dave Crewe in Business Nuggets · 23/9/2012 17:08:00
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When you start a business, internet marketing is essential if you want it to be a success. One popular way to get started with internet marketing is email marketing. This essentially follows the same principle as sending out physical sales letters to prospects, but instead it takes place entirely online. However, as with all forms of internet marketing, there are good and bad ways of going about it.

Compiling a List
First of all, you have to have a list of people to send your emails to. But how do you go about that? It’s one thing finding the addresses of physical homes, but finding personal emails is a different game entirely. You could buy a list from another company, or rent one out for a price. But this can be expensive and there is a huge flaw in that you have no idea how many of the prospects will be interested, and your emails may go straight into their junk mail.

The only real way to go about starting off an email marketing campaign is to compile your own list. The best way to do this is to get visitors to your site to sign up for something, preferably something free. This could be your monthly newsletter, a free report, a free ebook and so on. But in order for the visitors to get hold of the free information, they have to give you something – their precious email address.

Starting to Sell
Once you have this email address, you’re ready to go. But just because you have their email address, how do you sell to them? It depends what they have signed up to. If they have signed up to receive your free newsletter then you can fill this with your latest offers and point them in the right direction of your products.

If they have signed up to receive a free report, the trick is to then send them follow-up information, talking about the report and offering some new information along with it. A skilled copywriter can write a whole series of emails going from providing further information to starting to convert your interested prospects into paying customers.

Does it Work?
Like all things in internet marketing, it depends how well you do it. Email marketing is such a great technique because you end up with a list full of hot prospects. These are people who have shown an interest in your niche area, and they are therefore much more likely to pay for something.

But here’s the most important factor: they will only pay for something if the free report or information that they signed up for was really of a high quality. If it wasn’t then you can hardly expect them to pay for more of the same. With email marketing you need to start them off with something really great, and then offer them even more for a price.

Then there is the question of actually getting prospects to your site in the first place in order to get their email address – but that is a whole different area.

An internet business is a rewarding way to make a living online, and anyone can do it. To find out how and to start making money from home, visit

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